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Sr. Jeff Goodwin, Sr To All Instructors

Jeff is blessed to have received the Lord’s Call. In 2015 he became a District Nazarene Pastor. He praises and thanks our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for this duty of servanthood. He is humbled to experience His Righteousness, Perfect Holy Character and Love in his life. Since 1973 he has trained in various martial arts earning a 8th Degree Black Belt – Master Level in CMA, 5th Degree Black Belt – Teacher Grade in Zu Wei Shu Kenpo, and a 3rd Degree Blue Belt – Internationally Certified Instructor in Tang Soo Do. He as taught many students for over 44 years ranging from ages 4-76. He has competed locally, regionally, nationally, and in 1982, placed 4th in the world on the USA Forms Team. He also retired from a successful 18 year career of Loss Prevention as a Corporate Director. Jeff believes it is not his power or strength that produces any success for him; rather it is the Lord “who gives us the ability to produce wealth” and he boasts of Him and nothing else. He teaches and preaches Christ crucified: Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God. CMA is the collaborative efforts of the late Reverend & Dr. Charles Jackson, and Pastor Jeff. Together they developed Christ-centered Martial Artists (CMA) centering it all on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Current Classes
Christ Centered Martial Artists (90-min class) – Instructor (open)