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FCHE Service Requirements

We are a homeschool cooperative that depends on our families working together to ensure things run smoothly for all members. Service hours are a blessing to our co-op, and truly are a great way to connect with other FCHE families! 

Service requirements for FCHE families:

  • Each family is responsible for completing two service hours for each one hour they have children in classes (total of six class hours would be a semester total of twelve service hours). Service hours are completed at co-op on Mondays, and reset each semester (Fall and Spring). Duties include: set-up, clean-up, front desk, tutor assistants, lunch monitor, etc.
  • As part of their service hours requirement, each family will need to complete two morning set-up or afternoon clean-up hours per semester. These are specifically the set-up hour of 8 am - 9 am, or clean-up hours that are 12:30 pm and later. They will be denoted on Sign-up Genius. Students 13+ may work set-up or clean-up positions alongside a parent. Hours worked by the student may count towards the family's service requirement (as long as the student is actively helping).
  • You may choose to buy-out your service hours at the rate of $25 per service hour.
  • Example: If you have children in classes for a total of six hours each Thursday, your semester responsibility would be 12 hours of service. You could work the entire 12 hours doing various service at co-op (including at least two hours of afternoon clean-up), or you could buy-out your 12 hours for a total of $300 each semester. You could also do a combination of service and buy-out. 
  • We also ask that you have either signed up for your service hours, or  bought them out, by October 14, 2024 for the fall semester, or February 24, 2025 for the spring semester.