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Meet Our Tutors

Carrie Andersson

Carrie has combined her love of cooking and traveling since her first childhood attempt at recreating European rolls that is remembered by her brothers as “the bullets.”  After graduating from Whitworth College in Spokane, WA and spending a year with Youth for Christ in South Africa, she became the second third-generation pilot in her family before meeting her future husband, also a pilot.  Marriage brought extensive shoe-string budget traveling and the delight of bringing new tastes and cultures and friends into their home.  Raising three kids and home schooling have been added to her passions during the past 15 years.  When not at the library or in the kitchen, Carrie prefers being outdoors: xc skiing, paddle boarding, camping,exploring and gardening. She’s always on the lookout for edible berries and mushrooms in the woods and will definitely stop to pick them!  

Maranda Bailey

 Maranda has over 17 years of teaching and classroom experience within public and residential school settings.  She graduated from Tulsa University with her Deaf Education degree for grades pre-K through 12, specializing in Mathematics.  Maranda stepped out of her teaching role in Anchorage, Alaska to start her homeschooling venture in 2021.  Her family moved to Wisconsin after her husband retired from the Air Force and she has continued to stay home full-time to homeschool their three children.  
     This is Maranda's first year with Faith Christian Home Educators and she is excited for the new adventure!  She loves to find ways to spark an interest in learning for her students and is encouraged when they are asking questions and getting involved.  Maranda is fluent in American Sign Language and often uses it as an incentive in the classroom.  She hopes to share other interests in the class, such as 4-wheeling, camping, and music as well. 

Janet Caven

Janet has been working in Deaf Education at the K-12, undergraduate and graduate level for over 15 years in various capacities. Janet is proficient in ASL and is grateful to the Deaf community for continually sharing their expertise and partnership. Janet earned a dual B.A. in Elementary and Deaf Education from Augustana University in South Dakota and an M.A. in Bilingual Deaf Education from Gallaudet University in Washington D.C.

Janet is passionate about being part of people’s growth and fulfilling God’s purposes in their lives. Regardless of what subject she teaches, she values establishing a positive work ethic and developing strong character. She is an encourager, a lifelong learner, and strives to meet the needs of individual learners in fun and creative ways.

While families are a child's first and most important teacher, she is excited to come alongside parents to develop and deepen new skills in students' lives. Janet is married to John, and they have four children they are currently home educating. It is a privilege and opportunity that she is thankful for. When not teaching, Janet can be found reading, outdoors, listening to a podcast, cooking, playing games or on an adventure with her friends and family.

Angela Corbett

Our family joined FCHE in 2022 and have loved our experience. I am excited to be a part of FCHE as a tutor for a 2nd year teaching Creation Exploration and To Every Nation. My husband, Mark, and I live in South Maplewood with our 3 kids. We have a daughter Makayla (13), and 2 sons Jack (12) and Silas (9). I have been a SAHM since 2014 and a Homeschool mom since 2020. I love reading, BSF, and a clean house (which sometimes happens)! I have a passion for sharing and teaching God's word to all ages! I believe strongly that kids are never too young to read or study scripture. I also believe it's important for Christian adults to come along side children as strong role models in their lives as they grow and navigate life. I look forward to shepherding the children in my class. Thank you!

Chris Fahey

Chris is a husband, father, teacher and entrepreneur. He has been married to his beautiful wife, Katie, since 2009 and has 4 kids; Lily, Addie, Emmett and Caleb. He attended UW-Stout to get his undergrad degree in Technology Education and later got his MA at Bethel University in Emotional Behavior Disorders. Chris started teaching in 2009 and has taught classes to 7th-12th graders in a wide range of Tech Ed classes including: Engineering, Computer Science, Architecture, Robotics, Wood Working, Metals, Small Engines, Autos, Electricity, Graphic Design and Photography. In 2015 he became a teacher trainer over the summer, training teachers with a curriculum company in the area of Computer Science and App development. In 2022 Chris started designing and producing products to sell online mainly in the baby and pet proofing product areas. In 2024 he joined another teacher and teacher trainer to launch Fiddler Crab STEM Lab to create STEM curriculum and services for homeschool families.

Karla Faith

Karla's professional career includes studio painting and drawing as well as commissioned murals. She has been an artist and teacher throughout her career, and her work has been traditional and representational. Her teaching includes painting, drawing, fundamentals of art, art history, art appreciatiion, sculpture, and courses in creativity. She bases her teaching in art history both in imagery and materials. Karla has taught all levels and ages of artists from children to seniors, professionals and beginners. She has taught in a variety of settings including public schools, private schools, Universities, community education, professional schools, and museum programs. 

In retirement Karla continues to pursue her love of art through producing artwork and teaching. 

Pauline Gates

Born, raised and educated in Canada, primarily. Certified in Piano History, Theory and Performance through the Royal Conservatory of Toronto. Vocal training at NCU and with local opera teachers here in Minnesota. Homeschooled my own three grown daughters. Love imparting excellent technique, expression and improvisational skills to students!

Calyssa Hall

Calyssa Hall has worked professionally for over 12 years as a theatre producer, director, educator, and public speaker. She was homeschooled from second grade through high school and graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Wisconsin – River Falls. In 2013, she founded the company "Only a Dim Image Dessert Theatre" that performed in Minneapolis. She then converted the company into a non-profit, where she served as Executive Director for The Zephyr Theatre for seven years. In November of 2022, she became Founder and CEO of her own Frosted Glass Productions - a company that focuses on unique and creative ways to tell stories.

Cassidy Hall

Cassidy Hall graduated from the University of Wisconsin – River Falls with degrees in Creative Writing, Music, and Musical Theatre. She has been actively involved with the arts for many years, and is trained in acting, singing, dance, public speaking, drawing, painting, and the various styles of technical and creative writing.  She works as a director and instructor for The Zephyr Theatre, and a director for ACT Theater in the South Saint Paul Tri-District.  She is also a professional photographer and a published writer. She worked as a writing tutor for UW-River Falls in the past, and currently works as a writing and performance mentor for StoryArk, and volunteers as an editor. Cassidy loves working with students, and plans to continue following her passions of teaching and helping students cultivate their own unique voices.

Jason Harms

Hey, I’m Jason Harms. I’ve enjoyed singing for as long as I can remember. Since my college days in the early 1990’s, I’ve had a jazz quintet that I sing in and play guitar with and, by God’s grace, we have had the sweet opportunity to play all around the world singing the Gospel and listening to people from other cultures. There is always music, and I love how a melody can connect people where a language barrier may exist. Since 2001 I’ve been directing the Jazz Orchestras at Bethel University. Feel free to visit for a better introduction. My wife and I have homeschooled five kids and we love the opportunities that this mode of education allows for with the attention given to the individual development of each student’s skillset and interests. I hope to foster new musical friendships with your students.


Tracey Hillquist

Tracey Hillquist and her husband have been homeschooling her daughter since 2018. Tracey has a bachelors degree in Social Work (BSW). She is passionate about horses. and has been running a small business, Appletop Acres LLC, to teach about horses and offer horse experiences through camps and lessons. Tracey is excited to teach students about horses and share her enthusiasm about learning new things.

Bethany Isaac

Bethany is a homeschool alumni currently studying the intersection of business and communication at Liberty University. She lives on Fair Haven Farm with her family, where she shepherds her herd of goats. She has taught homeschool classes, including Virtuous Girls classes, for over eight years. When she is not studying or working on the farm, she enjoys long nature walks foraging for edible wild food or working on her latest novel. She is also the editor-in-chief of The Wilting Rose Project, a ministry sharing articles and encouragement for young women.

Gabriella Isaac

Gabriella's favorite things are woodland walks, foraging with her sisters, whipping out her paints and pencils, dyeing wool with plants, and caring for the garden and animals on her family's farmstead in Stillwater. At sixteen, she started Virtuous Girls with her sister Bethany, teaching girls ages 8-14 to follow Jesus and delight in Him. They still love teaching their students and have watched many girls grow up past fourteen, only to become some of their sweetest friends! At twelve, a formative science experiment left her ever seeking to see details in nature. She had to sit for an hour in nature and observe. She sat for nearly two. Her favorite part of school was art classes taught by April Mills, Barry Stebbing, and Heidi Nelson. She is currently taking courses from the London Art College.


Lynn Kern

Lynn and her husband, Kent, are in their twenty-first year of homeschooling. Lynn graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Communications major and minors in Political Science and Spanish. Over her time working in the private sector, she held numerous management roles.  In 2006, she left full-time work to stay at home full-time with her seven children. She has served on homeschool boards since 2004, including Faith Christian Home Educators beginning in 2016. Her family has been a part of Faith since 2014, where Lynn has been teaching classes since 2018. Lynn loves to teach and help students aquire a love for learning. She is passionate about the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. Government, and the God-given freedoms they provide when operating the way the Founding Fathers intended.  She is very excited to continue working with the wonderful students and families at Faith!

Becky Knefelkamp

Becky Knefelkamp has been teaching writing for over 25 years.  She graduated from Bethel College with an elementary degree, taught fifth grade for St. Paul schools for four years, and then stayed home with her children.  A friend challenged her to teach the writing class at their co-op and that started an adventure of digging for quality resources and checking out a variety of writing curriculums.  She has written her own writing lessons using aspects of a variety of curriculums:  The Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW), the Six Traits of Writing, Rhea Holtan’s research process, an excellent teaching book—Before the End, and others.  Keith and Becky Knefelkamp have enjoyed over 35 years of marriage, raised four children, homeschooled them K-12 grade, and now are loving the era of the empty nest and grandchildren! smiley She loves the Lord, loves kids, and loves to write, and is especially happy when the three can come together! smiley

“My philosophy of writing is to be more of the encourager. Writing is so personal.  It’s hard to trust another to read our work, so I want them to feel safe.  When I grade assignments, I mainly look to see if they have included what I asked for.  I believe the aspects of writing that I ask them to include WILL make their writing stronger.  I believe that writing is a progressive skill, most of the time taking a few years to master, just like in math and science.  Each year they build on their previous year’s skills until they come to a place where they can write in a strong way, finding their unique voice.   But I do always see improvement in each student’s work from the beginning of the year to the end.  I love that!”