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Jason Harms To All Instructors

Hey, I’m Jason Harms. I’ve enjoyed singing for as long as I can remember. Since my college days in the early 1990’s, I’ve had a jazz quintet that I sing in and play guitar with and, by God’s grace, we have had the sweet opportunity to play all around the world singing the Gospel and listening to people from other cultures. There is always music, and I love how a melody can connect people where a language barrier may exist. Since 2001 I’ve been directing the Jazz Orchestras at Bethel University. Feel free to visit for a better introduction. My wife and I have homeschooled five kids and we love the opportunities that this mode of education allows for with the attention given to the individual development of each student’s skillset and interests. I hope to foster new musical friendships with your students.


Current Classes
Co-op Choir – (open)