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CoVid-19 Response

We understand that these challenging times are leaving many families unsure of what the entire school year will look like. Although we have no guarantees at this time, we are very prayerful that we will be able to hold classes in person this entire school year. This is a priority for us. We are partnering with our new home, North Presbyterian Church, to create a safe learning environment. We are very committed to the health and safety of our Faith Family.

Our small size and large classrooms give us the flexibility to set up our classrooms in the safest way possible. We will also be committed to disinfecting classroom surfaces and door handles several times daily. Most classrooms are equipped with sinks and soap. Hand sanitizer and disinfectant will be available in each room, as well as study areas, and at the entrance of the building. Children, tutors, and staff will practice all handwashing guidelines. Additionally, we will closely monitor the Minnesota Department of Health and CDC guidelines.

Again, we are prepared to make educated decisions about how the school year will proceed. We understand this could, at times, be fluid.  If there are times where in person classes are not an option, we have made plans with our tutors to create virtual learning options for the classes in which that is feasible. We realize this is not a perfect option, nor will it work for all classes. However, we do want to give people that option when we can for those families still interested in that. We also realize that with our increased monitoring of illness, we may have more children unable to attend co-op for any illness. Tutors have made work arounds to help offer solutions to those families that may miss a week or two. This includes live streaming, recorded lessons, or email communication with the tutor. 

We also recognize that these are difficult financial times for many. We do offer partial scholarship options for members.