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Things to Know About FCHE Membership

  • FCHE Family Membership is $50 per child.

  • FCHE Family Membership runs from June 1, 2024 - May 31, 2025 (but you do become active once your membership is approved)

  • FCHE Family Membership Fees are not refundable

  • FCHE Family Membership gives you access to the Member only side of our website which will help you easily stay informed and connected.

  • When registering for Family Membership fill the online form out completely, and read all Membership Forms prior to registering. You will be acknowledging agreement with these forms when you register.

  • When registering make sure you select "YES" to receive Forum Emails (registering to receive them "immediately" will ensure you receive them right away). This will help keep you up to date on all communication within the Co-op.

  • When you register you will create a Login and Password. Write this information down as you will need it throughout the year to access your family's co-op information.

  • Once registered and approved, you will be able to register for classes, see your schedules, communicate with tutors, buy/sell/trade homeschooling items, and pay invoices online!

  • We are working often to expand our website and will continue to offer more ways to be involved and stay connected!